IAPT Service Consultation

Our IAPT Consultant

Dr Campbell has been the clinical lead of an IAPT service since the beginning of the IAPT programme. That IAPT service was identified by NHS England in 2015 as one of the top twelve best performing IAPT services in the country. As a result of this Dr Campbell was invited to participate in the NHS “Think Tank” which produced guidance aimed at “Enhancing recovery rates in IAPT Services”

Since 2013, he has assumed the clinical leadership role for two other IAPT services and the recovery rates for both these services have risen from 27% in 2013 to greater than 50% currently.

Dr Campbell has significant experience consulting externally for IAPT services and is currently the Clinical Lead for Adult IAPT for the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks.

What we offer

We offer two types of assistance to IAPT services

1) Time limited informal support and discussion

  • This usually takes the formal of one or more half day sessions to help you diagnose any issues and make a plan to address them

2) A full Service consultation package

  • This is a full consultation package for your service that usually last for a number of months
  • This can be applied in an incremental way as outlined below

Full IAPT Consultation Package

We can provide a bespoke consultation service for IAPT services aimed at both improving efficiencies and increasing recovery rates. 

This process has three main phases which can be purchased in an incremental manner - e.g. phase 1 only or phase 1&2 only);

1) A diagnostic phase (this phase can be purchased as a standalone phase): 

  • We will analyse your MDS data to examine patient flow and clinical models and suggest areas that may need further investigation with regard to their potential effects on efficiency and recovery
  • We will provide a baseline analysis of your local community and the clinical profile of your client group to highlight possible issues
  • We will highlight areas in which change may be necessary to improve KPI performance

2) An action planning phase

  • We have found in the past that it is extremely important to work WITH the management and clinical leadership team during this phase so that they feel that they own this process.
  • Our role is to facilitate the thinking of the leadership team and direct attention to certain issues
  • We will consult with your clinical and operational staff to examine pathways 
  • We will examine your standard operating procedures 
  • We will develop a transformation plan or an action plan to address any shortfalls in KPI performance

3) An Implementation phase

  • Once an action plan or transformation plan has been agreed we will work with the service to implement this plan
  • Using change mechanism models we will identify techniques useful to reaching tipping point with change
  • We will measure the implementation process using both your KPIs and other measures of change.

At all times we will work collaboratively with your service to utilise the skills already in place